Collectors tin

My new neighbor, Barry, is a really nice guy. He gave me a natural herbal digestive underberg collectors tin as a “thank-you” gift for my coming over to help them move some of their furniture into their house the other day. I told him that I collected tins, and within a few moments he was unpacking a box and pulled out this tin and gave it to me! I had never heard of underberg before he gave me the tin!

New Neighbors

Looks like someone new is moving into the house a few doors down. There is a Budget Rental truck parked in the yard. I can’t see any people moving about from my living room window. Maybe in a little while I will walk down there and say hello. I like to be neighborly and let any new neighbors know that if they need any advice about the local merchants, that they can count on me to steer them in the right direction.

Special deals after Christmas

One of the things that I like to do after the holidays is do some bargain hunting. You never know what you might find! For example, I just found some reduced prices on retired itmes on the collectible dept 56 christmas in the city online. I can’t imagine why they would reduce the price on an item that has been retired! Seems to me that once it was retired it would increase in value! What do you think?

You Never Know

romance (free clip art)

romance (free clip art)

Guest post by Clay Burton:

Sometimes you can tell from the first glance across a room and your eyes meet and there is a spark or something that you know right away. She’s interested. She’s hot. Go talk to her.

So I did. She’s got a kid but honestly, these days what girl doesn’t? The kid is cute – a little boy not quite in school yet but smart as a whip.

And she has a dog. I’m a dog person and I don’t mix it up well with girls who have cats. I like it that she has a dog.

Need a cleaning service

cleaning lady (free clip art)

cleaning lady (free clip art)

Guest post by Dean Barlow:

When my wife suggested that we consider getting a cleaning lady from I wasn’t sure that I wanted to spend the money. But my wife has made some pretty convincing arguments for getting some help around the house. My wife is a very busy woman, she works outside the house, does most of the child-care, and does the book-keeping, shopping, laundry, and housework! The poor woman is exhausted most of the time! I think that maybe a cleaning service that comes twice a month would be a good idea. I know that I can’t do all the housework that my wife wants help with, and my wife could use a break!