Getting cash back should not be this difficult

My wife was telling me that she was very frustrated yesterday when she was shopping at Wal-Mart. Seems that she was using her debit card to pay for the food, and she asked for $100 cash back. She wanted the cash back in $20 bills, but the cashier did not even ask her how she wanted the cash, and simply handed her a $100 bill. My wife explained to the cashier that she needed the money in smaller bills, and would she please give the money to her in smaller bills. The cashier told her that she had already closed her drawer and could not open it again for her. My wife said that was OK, she would just wait until the next customer was paying, and when the cashier had to open her drawer for the next customer, she could take care of it then. Since the next customer was her sister (they were shopping together) and she only had a few items, she knew it would only take a moment to do that. The cashier smiled and said that would be fine.

However, when the transaction was complete, and the drawer was opened, the cashier told my wife that she could NOT give her the smaller bills after all, and she would have to go to the customer service desk and ask them to break the $100 bill. So my wife went to the customer service desk, and had to wait twenty minutes until it was her turn to be waited on. When she got to the front of the line, she explained what happened, and asked the customer service associate to change the $100 into smaller bills, the customer service associate did not want to help her. She told my wife that the cashier should have taken care of her. My wife explained a second time what happened, and the customer service associate said that they were not supposed to make change there, and she could not help her. My wife, with a full shopping cart of groceries in front of her, showed the customer service associate her receipt, and explained that the receipt was proof that she had gotten the $100 there at the store, and she was finding it difficult to understand why Wal-Mart did not want to help her out. Then the associate said that she was going to have to page a manager to authorize opening her drawer. My wife said she would be happy to wait. So the manager was paged, and after a five minute wait the manager arrived.

The story was explained again, and the manager scolded my wife, saying she didn’t believe that the cashier did what she had done, and asked my wife what the name of the cashier was. My wife told the manager that she didn’t remember the name of the cashier, that it was probably on the receipt that she had handed to the customer service associate. The manager replied that the cashier’s names aren’t on the receipt – only the cash register number. Then my wife suggested that the manager go to that register and see for herself who the cashier was, because the cashier was probably still there. The manager shot a dirty look at my wife, and then inserted her key into the register’s lock, unlocked the drawer and gave my wife the five $20 bills she had asked for. My wife said “thank you very much” but neither the manager, or customer service associate said “you are welcome” or offered any type of apology.

There really is no need for this kind of attitude, is there? Isn’t this the type of thing customer service is supposed to help you with?

Ant Invasion

This mornng when I stepped off the porch and headed to the car, I noticed that something was moving on the steps. So I stopped and took a closer look and found out that there are like a million ants going across my step and up to the house and they disappear into a little crack between the bricks and the siding.

So I went back in the house and found a can of bug spray and unloaded the whole can on those suckers. I hate bugs.


Had to stop by Food Lion for some sandwich bread and sliced ham this afternoon. I’ll be brown bagging the rest of this week.

On the end of an aisle was a big stack of boxes with different candies on sale. They had big bags of Twizzlers on sale, 3 packages for $5.00 – that’s a really good price for the big bags. I went ahead and bought the 3 bags, but I’ll have to make them last. That wasn’t on the menu this week.