Pizza Please

pizza (free clip art)

pizza (free clip art)

It’s been about a month since I’ve had a piece of pizza. That’s really unusual for me. There were times in college when I had pizza 3 or 4 times a week. Those guys would never believe that I actually cook at home and don’t eat pizza much any more. But I still crave the stuff every once in a while. So tonight I’ll be dining on pizza and beer – like the good old days.

Moving Stinks

man carrying boxes (free clip art)

man carrying boxes (free clip art)

My friendĀ Glen, finally got hold of a rental truck along with getting Saturday off from work, so he’s moving. I had promised to help. Who knows, I might need Glen’s help moving my own stuff one of these days.

I can’t believe how many boxes of stuff you have to carry down three flights of stairs to get someone moved out of their apartment. I’m healthy and active, but even my legs hurt after all those trips up and down those stairs.

Can’t Move

My friend, Glen, wanted to get a U-Haul truck and move his stuff over to his girlfriends house. Hey, I think it is cool that the two of them are getting so well and want to take this next big step of living together. Congrats, you guys!

The problem is that there are no trucks available! This is evidently the big week that everyone goes back to college and all the trucks are rented out to college bound kids. He called all over town and no go. So I guess they have to wait a bit for their big move.

Professional DJ equipment

My neighbor Ron has been a moon-lighting professional DJ for several decades now. He works as a self-employed contractor doing handy-man work by day, and does DJ work by night. To be honest I never really took that job seriously. Then I asked him if he would like to come and be the DJ at the neighborhood party we hope to have over Labor Day, and I found out how much the new cost him to buy last spring, I have to say that I realized that this really was serious business! Not just a hobby for him, that is for sure!