Registry cleaner

We all have to do regular maintenance on our computers, just like our homes and cars. As a general rule, you run your Registry cleaner once a week, but make sure to do just a few more things than that. Run your antivirus program as well as deleting history, cookies, cache and temporary downloads. Then you should probably do a disk defragmentation and disk cleanup at least once a month. You will find that if you do all of these, your computer will run much better.

A port-a-crib

Well apparently we will need one of these neat little port a cribs for when we go visit family and such. My mom is buying one just to keep at her house. She used to have one, but gave it away and now kind of regrets doing that. Not to worry, there are plenty more where they come from. This is kind of neat though. It all collapses down into a package you can carry easily.


It even has a changing table

For the garage

I bought a new toy for my garage. Okay technically it isn’t a toy but for any man, we can kind of consider it that. It is a precision vise for my work table. When ever I need to hold something and not have it move while I am working on it, I put it in a vise. This helps with safety issues so that if I am cutting something it won’t slip. I am happy I bought one.

Working on the truck

Decided to do a little work on the old mud truck. The battery hasn’t been holding a charge as it should, so to the parts store I went to pick up a new alternator. The generator light had come on a few times when I started it recently so I definitely knew what it was. It will only take about ten minutes to change it out. Easy peasy!

Trip to France

Even though we are due to have a new baby, my wife and I are still planning our trip to France. We will just have to postpone it for a little while. Everyone has told me that once we postpone it, we won’t go, but I don’t see that happening. We really love to travel and that isn’t likely to change. I was looking at Air France flights to see what the prices are right now. I like to keep an eye on them as they go up and down.

We are going to visit Paris of course, but also plan to take the train to various towns and cities that we want to visit, like Chambourd, Bordeaux and Lourdes. We will probably stay a few days in each place doing the tourist thing. Although I have been told to avoid the tourist stuff and find our own way. It is much nicer that way according to people who have been there.

My wife wants to visit the grotto in Lourdes that has become a holy site. I just want to see the Great¬†Pyrenees mountains. They are purported to be magnificent and the city of Lourdes itself awesome to visit. Bordeaux is one of my picks because of the vineyards. We may make a trip over to the Monaco/Cannes ¬†area to see the Mediterranean. I look forward to that especially since it is so very famous. Although quite frankly they are all famous and historically significant. I can’t wait to be able to go, but like I said, it will have to be postponed for a little while.