We currently have too many cats. It wasn’t planned, it just happened. My wife and I had two cats, Oliver and Sugaree, that are more like our babies  than pets. A friend asked if we could “babysit” her two cats while she was in between homes, and she hasn’t retrieved them! Four cats is a lot. We have multiple cat boxes and way too many cat food bowls around the house. They also make too much noise at night while I am trying to sleep! I am calling the friend and asking her to come back for her cats soon! I can’t take this much longer!!

A Nice Touch

Yesterday Erica and I went to a sandwich shop in town around lunch time to grab a bite to eat. I was quite surprised to see a young woman sitting on a bar stool in a corner of the place, singing soft rock songs and playing an acoustic guitar. She sounded really great, and I thought it made being in the restaurant a lot more pleasant. Initially we were planning to grab the food and run, but I convinced Erica to stay and listen to the woman perform. That was really nice!

It’s Not Running

Got a knock on the door about my old car sitting in the back of the house. You can see it from the street if you are looking real hard. But most people drive by my house so fast they don’t notice anything in my back yard. so it creeps me out to think someone was driving so slow down my street and looking for stuff in people’s backyards.

So this guy wanted to know if I was interested in selling my old car. And I’m not really interested. If I can scrape together an extra $2,500 I want to get the transmission repaired and drive it again. So I told him no and made sure he drove off and didn’t linger. Now that I think of it, I’m going to put a flood light with a motion detector on the corner of the roof. I would not be surprised if this guy comes back later at night to do something evil.

Where to Go If Your House Needs Help

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