I Love YouTube

This past week I’ve been waching a ton of YouTube videos. I haven’t been much of a video fan until recently. I am amazed at the variety of subjects and different topics that have videos made. Mostly I have enjoyed the obscure music videos of bands that I like, but this video of Jimmy Fallon and Donald Trump is a riot! Very cool site.

Getting the Best Performance out of Your Air Conditioner All Summer Long

The dog days of summer are finally here. While you enjoy the sunny skies and warm weather summertime brings, there’s no denying that some days are simply too hot. Fortunately, with the help of a functional central air conditioner, you can keep your home comfortably cool all summer long. However, to get the best performance out of your central AC unit, you’ll need to have the device serviced at the beginning of every summer.

When inspecting your home’s central air conditioner, a seasoned heating and cooling professional will open up the device and give the interior a thorough looking-over. If he comes across any parts that need to be replaced, he’ll swap them out in a timely manner. Additionally, to promote even-cooling, he’ll engage in duct cleaning and break up any clogs that have formed. A standard service call of this type shouldn’t cost you more $100, making AC maintenance affordable on even the thriftiest homeowner’s budget.

Working central air conditioners serve as many families’ foremost line of defense against balmy heat and humidity. To ensure that your home stays evenly-cooled all summer long, make sure to never skip an annual service call.

Almost ready

I have almost everything ready for tomorrow. I put this together rather quickly, but it is working out well. We are taking the canoes with us in the back of the truck and trailering the four wheeler’s behind us. A bunch of the women are bringing dishes so that we don’t have to bring it all ourselves. I just had to get the drinks, chips, dip and the meat.

I will dry rub some of it today as well as make the patties for the hamburgers, then freeze those over night. They will keep better that way and I wont have to do it while I am there. I am also picking up my nephews tonight to spend the night with me in the tent out at the lake. If we don’t we won’t get a good spot tomorrow morning. Anyway, have a good one and Happy Labor Day!

Advantages of Replacement Windows

Many homeowners are torn between budgeting for a major window replacement and the cost to heat a home. It’s true that window replacements in Cherry Hill NJ may not be inexpensive upfront, but it’s one of those projects that should be considered an investment. There’s a long list of benefits to taking on such a major project, all of which will put money back into your pocket in the future.

  • The biggest benefit of replacement windows is the drastic reduction of energy costs. Windows designed for high insulation can actually protect your home from outside temperatures. In doing so, this will reduce the need for continuous use of your HVAC unit.
  • Replacement windows are also better blocking outdoor noise. As long as you hire a high-quality professional to install the windows, the features will actually help to block out much of the chaos outside.
  • Chipped paint, mold and other deteriorating factors can date your home, especially when they’re found on windowsills. Replacement windows are made from durable materials that resist these negative elements, including rust.
  • You can actually expect to find a good return on a replacement window project. In addition to increasing the appeal of your home to potential buyers.