So busy

Between work, doctors visits, and shopping for houses and baby stuff, I need a break. I would really like just one day to veg out on the couch and make like a potato. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited, but if I am this tired now, what’s it going to be like when the baby gets here. I think I need to sleep a lot now, because I know I won’t get any for months after he/she gets here. My wife however doesn’t agree. She is full steam ahead and going strong. I thought the nesting faze doesn’t happen until the third trimester? *sigh*

My grandparents

I thought I would show you the great place my grandparents retired to last year in Palm Beach Gardens. This place is absolutely fabulous. My grandfather loves to golf and so they chose a place where he can enjoy the PGA Tour when it comes to his area. My grandmother loves the weather because up here she was always cold. Now she gets around much better because her arthritis doesn’t bother her as much. She has made a lot of friends there and does a ton of activities as well.

We have the added reassurance that they are well taken care of as there is a Life Care program with assisted living, nursing, rehabilitation and memory support should they ever need it. That makes us feel much better about them living so far away. It is good to know that they are happy and truly enjoying their retirement. That is after all the way it should be. If you work hard and take care of your responsibilities, you should be able to enjoy retirement the way you want. I hope that one day I can have the same kind of retirement for my wife and I. You should check it out.

Yard work

WEll I got all of the yard work done yesterday. The lawn was mowed before it rained (that only lasted about ten minutes) and all of the weed eating done as well. The garage is now clean as well. I started on it when it started raining and decided that I would just all out clean it. The garden is looking really good and the vegetables are growing really nice. I really love having fresh vegetables to cook with and so does the wife. Now that all of that is done for the week(possibly two) I am hoping for some time on the water this weekend.

Looking for a house

As you know we are currently looking for a house and while I was online looking I came across Kolter Homes. Now we always look at places dear the beach just for fun and these are amazing. I know that we are going to move back to the small town we are both from, but it is really fun to look. Especially as we will eventually buy a vacation place on the beach somewhere.

Florida is one of our favorite vacation spots. We have been to so many of their beaches and Jensen beach is one of our absolute favorites. The beaches are pristine and clean. The people there are amazingly nice. We have always had the best time whenever we vacation there, so we will probably buy our beach house there I am sure. Our family likes to vacation together, so it will likely be a place that is large enough to accommodate all of us when we gather. Large family vacations are a lot more fun. You can always split into groups and go do different stuff if you choose. Last year, the guys wanted to go deep sea fishing and the girls didn’t, so they went to Disney, while we went fishing. It worked out great for everyone and we all had a blast.


I have to laugh over this. My wife is already having cravings for different kinds of foods. Today it is seafood. She wants to go out to a seafood restaurant tonight to eat. Says she is having a craving for crab legs and shrimp. I guess we will be dinning out tonight. I am thinking Red Lobster or Joe’s Crab Shack. It will more than likely be Joe’s for dinner. They are actually the best seafood place in town. Bon Apatite’