Broken Tooth

toothache (free clip art)

toothache (free clip art)

Just eating a regular hamburger and yeowie – all of a sudden one of my back teeth cracked and a big chunk broke off.

At least it happened at lunch and I could call my dentist and get him to see me the same day as an emergency. He’s really good about that.

Looks like it’s gonna need a root canal and a crown. That’s just great to have this kind of expense right before Christmas.  But you have to have your teeth fixed.

Classic car insurance

My friend Michael enjoys buying, restoring, showing, and then selling, classic cars. When I go over to his house I never know if he is going to have a “new” classic car to show off to me or not! I was surprised when I read on the blog part of the website that you can get special insurance for classic cars that you take to car shows. I just sent Michael an email asking him if he knew that there is a special insurance policy he can get for classic cars!

Thrift Shop Hunting

Thrift Shop (free clip art)

Thrift Shop (free clip art)

Have a friend who is going through a divorce and trying to get his own place set up. She kicked him to the curb with not much more than his baseball card collection and a couple big green trash bags filled with clothes.

We made a few shopping trips to the Salvation Army store and two of the Good Will stores. It seems each Good Will store has a kind of specialty in what they carry, an that depends on the neighborhood’s needs. So the first one we went to had no furniture but the second had a large selection of couches, dressers and lamps.

Sad Sad Puppy

I was watching this YouTube video that was on the EntirelyPets blog earlier today, and I was surprised at the range of emotions that I felt when I was watching it! On the one hand, it was funny, but on the other hand I felt angry. I know that if those had been my dogs, I would have scolded the one that stole the bone and given it back to the dog that had it in the first place. Both dogs had a treat, there was no need to be greedy!

Steak for Dinner

Steak Dinner (free clip art)

Steak Dinner (free clip art)

If you want to have a steak for dinner, where do you go?

I like to grill steaks at home. I would buy the best steak I could find at Sam’s Club and take it home to cook it just right.

But if I had to go out to a restaurant to eat the best steak, I have a lot of choices here. The Morton’s is really good but a little uppity. I think that Longhorn actually has the best atmosphere, the best menu and the best bar.

So my pick is Longhorn. What’s yours?