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Already missing summer

I am already missing summer listening to this. I can’t wait for winter to be gone and we can get back out on the water for some relaxing in the sun fun. I know that Christmas isn’t even here yet, but I have that itch and cannot scratch it. I might have to take a mid winter vacation with the wife to somewhere warm that is surrounded by water. February sounds like a good month for that. I am making a mental note to myself to plan this as a surprise for the wife.

Cold and windy

Well today was an interesting day. It is cold and windy, and I was working on top of a building. That doesn’t make for a really good work day. I am beat just from trying to remain standing upright. I will be sore tomorrow for sure. I think I may take a bath and soak tonight. I know that it will help significantly. Hope you guys had a better day than I.

Chilly out

It’s really chilly outside today and I am not sure I want to brave it. I think I may just veg around the house. There are a few things I can do inside and perhaps a nap will be nice too. I haven’t done the lazy Saturday thing in a long time, so I would say that I am due for one. I won’t feel sorry about it for even a minute.


Fall is officially upon us. The colder weather is moving in little by little and the jackets are coming out of storage. I like this time of year myself. The smell of bonfires and the changing color of the leaves as well as some of the Fall goodies that pop up in the stores. Pumpkin Spice coffee is one of my faves. Happy Fall to all!