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Chilly out

It’s really chilly outside today and I am not sure I want to brave it. I think I may just veg around the house. There are a few things I can do inside and perhaps a nap will be nice too. I haven’t done the lazy Saturday thing in a long time, so I would say that I am due for one. I won’t feel sorry about it for even a minute.


Fall is officially upon us. The colder weather is moving in little by little and the jackets are coming out of storage. I like this time of year myself. The smell of bonfires and the changing color of the leaves as well as some of the Fall goodies that pop up in the stores. Pumpkin Spice coffee is one of my faves. Happy Fall to all!

Sea slug

Hawaiian Sea Slug

Hawaiian Sea Slug

It is a species of sea slug that grows to around 35 mm.
They float partially by means of an air bubble, which they swallow and store in their gastric cavity. They also have a rather unique defence mechanism – they store the nematocysts produced by jellyfish (their prey) in their own tissues to protect against predators. They are found in the waters off of the Big Island, Maui, Oahu and Kauai. They are rarely found on shore unless during periods of on-shore winds which bring them (and their prey) into coastal waters. Neat huh?


Almost ready

I have almost everything ready for tomorrow. I put this together rather quickly, but it is working out well. We are taking the canoe’s with us in the back of the truck and trailering the four wheeler’s behind us. A bunch of the women are bringing dishes so that we don’t have to bring it all ourselves. I just had to get the drinks, chips, dip and the meat.

I will dry rub some of it today as well as make the patty’s for the hamburgers, then freeze those over night. They will keep better that way and I wont have to do it while I am there. I am also picking up my nephews tonight to spend the night with me in the tent out at the lake. If we don’t we won’t get a good spot tomorrow morning. Anyway, have a good one and Happy Labor Day!

Labor day

Labor day is coming up and I am not sure what I want to do. There are always tons of BBQ’s to go to, but it might be better to plan one myself down at the lake. Make a day of it fishing, swimming and eating good food, with good friends and family.

I think that is just the ticket for the up coming weekend. I think we will do it on Sunday rather than Monday. It gives people time to relax before they go back to work. To me that is very important after a weekend of play. I guess I better get started working on that list.