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Dog Days of this Summer

The months of July and August (so far) has been Dog Days as far as I am concerned. The hot weather never gave us any break at all. It has been hot, in the 90’s and sometimes breaking into the 100’s, every single day. And it stays hot at night, too. I remember as a kid the night would bring some relief. We could go to bed around 10:00 with all the window open and a fan blowing in the corner and be fine with sleeping comfortably. Not this year. As late as midnight and it has still been over 80 degrees. A fan just blows the hot air around, it doesn’t cool you. I have friends who have been trying every trick, like putting a big bowl of ice in front of the fan, to keep cool. Frankly, I can’t wait for this summer to be over and although I don’t like cold weather much, this heat has got us all beat down.

My grandparents

I thought I would show you the great place my grandparents retired to last year in Palm Beach Gardens. This place is absolutely fabulous. My grandfather loves to golf and so they chose a place where he can enjoy the PGA Tour when it comes to his area. My grandmother loves the weather because up here she was always cold. Now she gets around much better because her arthritis doesn’t bother her as much. She has made a lot of friends there and does a ton of activities as well.

We have the added reassurance that they are well taken care of as there is a Life Care program with assisted living, nursing, rehabilitation and memory support should they ever need it. That makes us feel much better about them living so far away. It is good to know that they are happy and truly enjoying their retirement. That is after all the way it should be. If you work hard and take care of your responsibilities, you should be able to enjoy retirement the way you want. I hope that one day I can have the same kind of retirement for my wife and I. You should check it out.

So much to do, so little time

We are getting ready for our trip to the Smokey Mountains. The preparation is killer though and takes forever. Most of it is coordinating with everyone else that is going with us, and making sure we have everything we want or need to take with us. Mostly that is seeing that we have enough trucks or suv’s to pull the trailers and campers. Some of them are using tents, so that will be easy to take care of, but we want to make sure we have enough ATV’s to accommodate everyone.

I am borrowing a couple of them from a friend so that my nephew and his buddy have their own to drive. We always go riding on this trip and everyone needs to be able to go, since it is an all day ride into the mountains. I think I have everything taken care of as far as that goes, but there are last minute additions to the trip that always occur. Guess I will have to play that by ear.

Very happy

I am very happy right now. The weather has gotten so good and work is speeding along at a great pace. We have already caught up on everything that was behind. The rain had kept us from pouring cement on a couple of jobs, but that is no longer a problem. I have four new jobs waiting for the crews to start and can even do some hiring as well. These new jobs are very large and will help employment in my area in a major way. Construction has been down a bit over the winter, but is looking much better now. My staff is ecstatic over this as much as I am. Things are definitely looking up for the spring and summer months.

Should have stayed in bed

I can see today is going to be a bad day. Already it has been horrible. Everyone I have come into contact with since I left the house, has been in a bad mood and just plain nasty. It seems like everyone at work is in a bad mood as well. Not that they get nasty with my, but you understand what I am saying. No one seems to want to be here today. No one seems to have wanted to leave home today period. The people at the gas station were in a bad mood as well as the other customers.

There was almost an altercation in the parking lot at the gas station as I was leaving. Fortunately, a cop just happened to pull in for his coffee (I’m guessing) and the people went to their own cars and left. Part of my just wants to go home and go back to bed. I am praying the day gets better.