Monthly Archives: May 2012

Bad Speech is Not Free

No cussin sign

This is the first I have heard of a city that does not allow cursing in public. If you are heard using any curse words, you get a ticket with a hefty fine. I really don’t see how this skirted the free speech and freedom of expression ideals. Just be warned that Virginia Beach takes cursing very personally and does not allow it. At least they have posted warning signs on all the street corners – of course, I had no idea what the signs even meant until I asked someone local.

Breakfast or Brunch?

Sunday morning and I’m hungry and can’t decide. Do I want to have a traditional breakfast or go all out and have a big brunch?

My idea of a traditional breakfast is like what’s on the Cracker Barrel menu. It has to start with a cooked side meat and eggs of some kind. I like eggs any way you want to cook them, but if I’m cooking eggs it will probably end up being scrambled eggs. Then I want some hashbrowns and a side bread – either toast, french toast, a bagel or even pancakes.

My idea of brunch is a whole buffet of a variety of breakfast foods plus a bloody mary or mimosa. I like brunch with friends – its a great way to spend a couple of hours waiting for a game to start.You can eat a little, talk, go eat some more, talk some more, and keep eating from an offering of everyone you could ask for in a big meal, including dessert.

Not worried about any games today but the idea of brunch just won’t go away. Maybe I’ll make a couple of phone calls and see if anyone else is up for a big buffet this morning.


I am still working on the back patio. It is relatively slow going right now as I haven’t had a lot of free time. Work has gotten really crazy, plus the rain added to it hasn’t helped much. I have however bought the patio pavers I needed for out back and I am just waiting for the rain to let up so I can start to lay them down. I also have the landscape lighting installation to get done after wards, but I am not in a great hurry with that part yet. My wife is anxious to have it all done so she can plan a BBQ.

It will  be done in time for Memorial Day though, that I am sure of. paving stone doesn’t take very long to put down and the lighting should only take about two days total. I have a friend coming in to help me with that part. Most of the back yard is already finished and this just needs to be done. I am sure that my wife will find other stuff to do to it over the summer. We are determined to have an oasis in our backyard for relaxing and entertaining in. I will be happy when it is done though.

Found an old friend

I really like the internet. It enables us to connect to people we have lost touch with over the years.

I was able to connect recently with an old friend who moved away when we were back in school. He and I were best buds through junior high and then he was gone. Life moved on, but I always wondered what happened to him and how he fared in life.

Well, I was able to find out just that. I was on Facebook and through another friend managed to find him. Now that we are reconnected, we are going make sure we get together soon. Hopefully this summer. I am so very stoked about this and I cannot wait to see him.


My wife loves chocolate. Much like most women do I imagine. Every now and then I order her favorite Belgian chocolate for her. She absolute goes nuts when I do too. I love it when she is really happy and for some reason this chocolate makes her giddy like a child.  I have heard that chocolate makes the brain produce endorphin’s or some such thing like that. I don’t know myself, but there are a lot of different theories about it.

I have even read the history of chocolate to see why it affects people in such a way as it does.  I suppose that we will never really agree why it does what it does, but that doesn’t matter. So long as it makes my wife happy, then I am happy. I might have to buy some for my mother as well. She loves the stuff just as much as my wife.