My mailbox

Okay, I have officially figured out that it is not a neighbor who mangled my mailbox, but a kid. I know this because I put a new one up and two days later it was mangled again. I am not happy about this situation. Finding residential mailboxes isn’t hard to do, but having to do it twice in one month is irritating. So it is back to the drawing board and buying yet another mailbox. The last one my wife didn’t like as much as I did, so she is picking out the mailbox this time. This ought to be good.

She has been looking at designer mailboxes and victorian mailboxes. At least the victorian ones are really heavy duty. The little prankster who keeps mangling ours is going to have a difficult time with one of those. I think I will set up a camera for a couple of nights after we put up the new one. That way if someone tries to mangle it, I can catch them on video. I haven’t decided if I will take the video to the police or not, it really depends on who it is that is doing this.