Daily Archives: March 8, 2012

Off early

Well I got rained out of work today. Unfortunately that means twice as much work tomorrow if the weather clears up. We weren’t able to pour any concrete because of the rain today and that puts us two days behind because we have to wait for it to dry up. I really hope it is clear tomorrow.

Winter Vacation

I am looking at Ski holidays in Whistler for a end of winter vacation for my wife and myself. I think we need a little time off in a nice cozy resort or cabin to get a little R&R. This has been a miserable winter for everyone. Too much rain and not enough snow, in my opinion. I want to see some snow before winter ends. The ski accommodation in Whistler is just exactly what we need to relax. My wife has been so inundated with work all winter, in one of the busiest seasons she has ever had. I know for a fact she is over due for some time off.

I found discount whistler lift passes as well, so we can save a little money while we are at it. That is always a plus, and means I can spoil her a little more while we are there. I am looking forward to nice evenings after skiing, next to a roaring fire with my honey. I know that she is looking forward to it as well.


I have been noticing a trend in politics lately that is so not right. Politicians getting away with talking to people in a totally inappropriate manner on public Tv. There is no call for the kind of behavior that has been continually allowed to go on. ┬áI cannot understand how people can continue to vote for people who are like that. Why would anyone want them making laws that govern us with those kinds of mind sets? I just don’t get it.