Monthly Archives: August 2011

Dog Days of this Summer

The whole month of August has been Dog Days as far as I am concerned. The hot weather never gave us any break at all. It has been hot, in the 90’s and sometimes breaking into the 100’s, every single day. And it stays hot at night, too. I remember as a kid the night would bring some relief. We could go to bed around 10:00 with all the window open and a fan blowing in the corner and be fine with sleeping comfortably. Not this year. As late as midnight and it has still been over 80 degrees. A fan just blows the hot air around, it doesn’t cool you. I have friends who have been trying every trick, like putting a big bowl of ice in front of the fan, to keep cool. Frankly, I can’t wait for this summer to be over and although I don’t like cold weather much, this heat has got us all beat down.


I think I heard a short report on the news that there are riots in London. I’m not sure what that is all about. I heard some mention of racial tensions and looting. I was shocked. This is the first I’ve heard of England having issues with race.