Candy Apple Time

The convenience store has put out candy apples. they have three or four different kinds. The traditional candy apple has a hard red syrup coating, like an apple encased in a red lollipop. The new ones have a caramel coating, and most of those have sprinkled crushed nuts in the caramel. Some of them even have sugar sprinkles on the caramel.

The only thing that bothers me about buying candy apples is that you don’t get to see what shape the apple underneath is like. If there are bruises or even worm holes in the apple, how would you know until you bite into it?

One thought on “Candy Apple Time

  1. Donna

    Hi Micah!
    I love candy apples and they are a big nuisance to make at home. So I like to buy the apples from places where I know the apples underneath will be in good shape. There is always a kiosk at the Predators game selling gourmet candy apples. Those are the best I’ve ever had!

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