Junk Mail

I have a big problem with junk mail. I believe the information I have heard about people being able to steal your identity and apply for credit cards in your name if they steal your junk mail. Instead of trashing it when I receive it, I tend to keep it intending to shred the name and address at some point. Unfortunately, I am way behind on shredding and have too many piles of junk mail. It has me seriously wondering whether people do actually go through trash. Considering our trash bags normally have cat poop in them, I think that I am probably safe!

New TV

I just received our tax return check and we have decided to get a new TV. While I was searching online looking for one, I found electronics deals and savings from best buy. This helps a lot because then I can buy something nice for my wife. She has had her eye on this dinning room set at the local flea market and I would love to be able to buy it for her. I like to see her happy and as we all know women are happy when they get to shop.

We are also taking care of a few bills. We want to get them paid ahead of time, so that we can put some money away for a nice vacation for us this summer. We have been talking about going to Florida for a week and visiting the family down there. It would be nice to be able to do that. My wife’s favorite cousin lives in the Keys and she has been asking us to come down for a visit for a few years now. Getting good electronics deals and savings from best buy on the TV is going to be a God send. Especially since we want a new flat screen TV.

We bought our computer from there last year when we got our taxes back. I have been really happy with it too. As we all know I like to come on here and holler at you people a lot. This laptop was a really good deal too, because I got electronics deals and savings from best buy then as well. My wife knows more about computers then I do and picked this one out. She is a computer geek. I don’t understand half of what she says when she gets to talking about them, but I just make sure I listen to what she tells me not to do.

I don’t know how she manages to figure out all of this stuff. I have been thinking about taking a basic class so that I can do a little more and figure out some of it as well. The local community college has a class that is very cheap and only lasts about six months. They teach you how to use the programs in your computer and deal with the anti virus and such. It is not a bad idea to do that. I am still thinking it over though.

Funny Looking Instrument

My friend Linda was telling me about how her father used to play so many different instruments when he was alive. She was telling me about the time he played the upright bass for the grand opening of the Vienna’s Town Hall back in the early ’70s, and about how after his band finished the first song, no one applauded, so he quipped to the rest of the band to wait for the applause to die down before playing the next song. Then people applauded! That was a really funny story! I asked Linda if she had ever seen any of the new electric upright bass instruments on the market nowadays, and she told me that she had not even heard of them! So I looked some up on my phone and showed her some of the pictures. We saw some really funny looking instruments! I have to admit that I’ve never heard any of them in use. I wonder if I’ll ever see anyone play one in any of the concerts in the parks that I might attend in the future.

Tax return

Most of my friends and family insist on doing their tax return filings early, so that they can get their refund early. Me, I usually wait until close to the due date. I get a refund, too, and I’m as anxious to get it as the next guy, but in my experience, I often get some tax form in the mail early in April that I need in order to do my taxes properly. I don’t want to file my taxes and then have to file an amendment a few weeks later. I’m glad that this year I waited – I got some tax forms just this week that I needed! I file my taxes online, using some tax software that I purchase. New this year was the requirement to give better identification – giving information from my driver’s license! That was a surprise – I had to stop what I was doing and go get the license, which was aggravating, but I’m glad that they are taking stronger measures to prevent fraud!

Let’s Go Already!

I was a little bit frustrated when Joshua wasn’t ready to leave when I stopped by his place to pick him up to take him to work. He apologized, telling me that he had been online, looking for fender amp parts, and lost track of time. I understand how easy it is to lose track of time when you are looking for something online. That’s why I try to do things like that after work, instead of before! I hate being late!