Goodbye Summer

The last day of September and summer is really gone now. Once it becomes October, there’s no way we can get away with calling it summer any more. October means Columbus Day and Halloween and the change back from Daylight Savings time. It also means the leaves are turning color and the nights are getting cold. We’ll probably have a frost soon and all the bugs will get killed off. So, goodbye to summer and hello fall.

Candy Apple Time

The convenience store has put out candy apples. They have three or four different kinds. The traditional candy apple has a hard red syrup coating, like an apple encased in a red lollipop. I can’t even bite into those – the candy coating is so hard! The new ones have a caramel coating, and most of those have sprinkled crushed nuts in the caramel. Some of them even have sugar sprinkles on the caramel.

The only thing that bothers me about buying candy apples is that you don’t get to see what shape the apple underneath is like. If there are bruises or even worm holes in the apple, how would you know until you bite into it? There have been several times when I purchased the candy apple, bit into it and then was grossed out because the apple underneath was mushy and mealy. Really nasty!

Kitchen organizers

One thing I like to fantasize about is re-doing our entire kitchen. I think it would make us a lot happier with our entire house if we modernized it. I’m fairly happy with our appliances – they are eight years old, but still look very new. I’d like to replace some of our cabinets – they way they work inside, with the lazy susans and the pull-out racks for storage. I especially love those tip-out trays that you can put in front of a kitchen sink. I’m not sure if we can retro-fit the sink and cabinet that we have, or if we would have to replace the entire cabinet. If you want to see the website I’ve been looking at with all kinds of cool things, you can click here.

Facebook Trolls

troll (free clip art)

troll (free clip art)

There are people on Facebook who are not really people that I know but somehow became my Facebook friend. And then there are people that I went to school with, like Josh, and people who I used to work with, like Selena, who I was delighted to find on Facebook and add to my friend’s list.

There has been a guy trolling my page lately, liking my comments but never really saying anything. I don’t know this guy and wonder why is he liking my stuff? I am not all that witty or clever and this is starting to freak me out.

Finding health insurance in North Carolina

Debbie was telling me that she has no idea where to go to find health insurance in her state. Well, I don’t live in North Carolina, but I can’t imagine that it would be very difficult to find out the information she needs – especially with all of the media attention that has been spent on the Affordable Care Act! It only took a few moments for me to go online and fine this website that claims it will help residents of North Carolina to find health insurance! I don’t know if Debbie is being lazy, or if she is that technologically impaired that she can’t find out these kinds of things for herself! I swear, sometimes I wonder who dresses that woman in the morning!