Saving time and money

I don’t know about you, but I try to keep a list of everything that I need to do in town and try to get everything done in one day, one trip. Unfortunately, sometimes I run into a situation when I can’t accomplish it all when I want to get it done. For example, Chet asked me to buy Guitar Strings for him when I went into town last weekend. I tried, I really did try. But when I got to the music store, there was a sign that they were closed to do inventory! So, I finished the rest of my errands, and ended up ordering the guitar strings online. They should arrive here before my next scheduled trip in town.

Soft closing

Have you noticed how many new appliances in the stores (the nice, expensive, appliances) have soft closing doors and drawers? And if you go into a store that sells cabinetry, you will notice that the nicest displays feature drawers that have soft closing drawer slides installed. I really am quite enamored of the soft closing features of items like that. I love how you can just tap, or nudge the door (or drawer) and it will slowly, gently, close itself the rest of the way. I am thinking about retrofitting my kitchen and bathroom drawers so they will do that.

Pumpkin Patches Are Scarce This Year

Halloween has always meant a lot more to me than just going out in the neighborhood to collect candy. It’s all about putting together a costume, having parties and decorating. Although decorating is not usually something that I worry about, decorating for Halloween is something that I take seriously.

Every year about the middle of October, I go into the attic and pull down three or four large plastic tubs that are filled with Halloween decorations. I have a huge collection of skulls and skeletons and really enjoy hanging them out in the yard to make my house look creepy for all the little kids. I have fake tombstones and hundreds of plastic spiders that I hang from trees and bushes and stick them into gobs of fake cobwebs that I drape all over my mailbox.

I also really like to buy a variety of pumpkins and carve them into glowing monster faces. Usually I drive down Lebanon Road and see all kinds of produce stands and pumpkin patches that are selling pumpkins. But for some reason there aren’t many of them this year.

I could only find one and they were in the big parking lot by the old folks home. They wanted $30 for a large pumpkin! The cheapest ones they had were $12 and they were so tiny you wouldn’t be able to carve much into them. Now, I’m all about supporting charities, but you cannot charge ten times what WalMart is charging and expect people to buy your stuff. That’s right – the average price of a pumpkin at WalMart is three bucks! And they are big ones!

I would much rather support a local business or charity than to give my money to WalMart, but this is extremely difficult to justify. I decided to compromise and bought one pumpkin from the charity and then went to WalMart and bought six from there. Now I have a good start on my Halloween decorating and will probably spend most of the day Saturday carving my pumpkins and putting out the skeletons and skulls to make my little haunted graveyard on the hill..