Those power supplies are easily lost

In this day and age of having so many components, it can be easy to lose little parts and pieces. If you happen to lose your alesis power supply, however, rest assured that you can find a replacement for it online rather easily. Just be careful to get the right one – some of the power supplies will turn your unit on but not relay the signal! Do your research!

Some things take a little extra time to find

When Jason told me that he wanted the milk box dod compressor for his guitar, I thought it would be easy to find online. Boy, was I wrong! Every website I go to seems to indicate that they don’t have it in stock! I wonder if this is back-ordered, or if they are not going to make it anymore. Jason may end up having to settle for a different brand!

No Fool

There’s book smarts and there’s street smarts. I have a little of both and no one got an April Fool’s joke over on me.

I like using the book smarts. When I have to use the street smarts I resent it. It’s always around thugs and lowlifes, and I don’t like being around those people. They are losers for not taking advantage of the free public education and making a good life for themselves. I have no patience for ignorant people.

As far as I’m concerned, you should learn what you need to get yourself a good job, support yourself and your family and then give something back to society. If you can’t do that in America – you are a LOSER.