Advantages of Replacement Windows

Many homeowners are torn between budgeting for a major window replacement and the cost to heat a home. It’s true that window replacements in Cherry Hill NJ may not be inexpensive upfront, but it’s one of those projects that should be considered an investment. There’s a long list of benefits to taking on such a major project, all of which will put money back into your pocket in the future.

  • The biggest benefit of replacement windows is the drastic reduction of energy costs. Windows designed for high insulation can actually protect your home from outside temperatures. In doing so, this will reduce the need for continuous use of your HVAC unit.
  • Replacement windows are also better blocking outdoor noise. As long as you hire a high-quality professional to install the windows, the features will actually help to block out much of the chaos outside.
  • Chipped paint, mold and other deteriorating factors can date your home, especially when they’re found on windowsills. Replacement windows are made from durable materials that resist these negative elements, including rust.
  • You can actually expect to find a good return on a replacement window project. In addition to increasing the appeal of your home to potential buyers.

Dog Days of this Summer

The months of July and August (so far) has been Dog Days as far as I am concerned. The hot weather never gave us any break at all. It has been hot, in the 90’s and sometimes breaking into the 100’s, every single day. And it stays hot at night, too. I remember as a kid the night would bring some relief. We could go to bed around 10:00 with all the window open and a fan blowing in the corner and be fine with sleeping comfortably. Not this year. As late as midnight and it has still been over 80 degrees. A fan just blows the hot air around, it doesn’t cool you. I have friends who have been trying every trick, like putting a big bowl of ice in front of the fan, to keep cool. Frankly, I can’t wait for this summer to be over and although I don’t like cold weather much, this heat has got us all beat down.

When did guitars stop having only six strings?

Am I the only one in the world who didn’t know that you can buy (and play) a 9 string guitar? I thought that all guitars were either four strings or six strings! Now that I’ve found out that there are guitars with more strings than that, I am going to have to go to YouTube and see if I can see some videos of people playing these instruments. I wonder if there are any popular bands that use them!

Happy Fourth of July


We were planning to go out to see the town’s fireworks last night, but it got rained out. So we decided to stay in and watch the Macy’s fireworks in New York on television instead. The fireworks show was really a lot better than I thought it would be. I liked not having to fight crowds to get in and out of a parking lot! Maybe we’ll make staying in and watching the show on TV a new tradition! (Should I feel guilty about getting lazy?)

Those power supplies are easily lost

In this day and age of having so many components, it can be easy to lose little parts and pieces. If you happen to lose your alesis power supply, however, rest assured that you can find a replacement for it online rather easily. Just be careful to get the right one – some of the power supplies will turn your unit on but not relay the signal! Do your research!